Love comes in many guises and is shown in many ways

It keeps our lives together throughout the nights and days

The first time we open our eyes, we open up our heart

And love surrounds our every breath right from the very start

When wandering vision brings us to yearnings we can’t disguise

Then mutual heartbeats begin and we see it in their eyes

All the words and songs and symbols repeat each pulsing thought

Our dreams surround the vision for the love that we have sought

Then the hearts that we are born with continue to expand and grow

Encompassing each and every addition as we move through the life we know

We are so lucky to be born with our hearts truly strong and pure

For we know that with all love, life will always and ever endure



Feb 8. 2012


Kite Flying

Kite Flying
Chasing the wind up over the hill
Back down in the glen it whirls around still
The clouds morphing through in awesome detail
The constant yank of the strings without fail
Brilliant puffy ships sailing so slowly across the sky
Gentle breezes sweeping over my face with each try
I feel those whispers from the Universe taking place
And I know without doubt that I’m standing in grace
I remember it well –  though it was a long time ago
The kids were so young and impatient to go
Yet I always knew that to run with the wind while flying a kite
Makes peace with the world and everything right
©Jane – July 2012

The Dictator

I watch the news and shed many tears

As I see the little children’s fears

A tyrant chooses an army and genocide

Saying it’s only to kill intruders from the outside


But every day the people die

Just staying alive is all they try

They hide from bombs and an army gun

And the babies cry and the children run


Atrocities like this should never be

These people’s choice is just to flee

They do not deserve such pain and grief

They stand alone for justice and their belief


The people only want peace and a chance to live

But democracy is not what he chooses to give

They’ve lost their homes, their loved ones and their life

And there is nowhere to hide from all this strife


The pain and misery this oppressor does serve

Shows he is just a dictator with ferocious nerve

He thinks his power will win this despicable show

But independence fights and freedom does grow


One day his fierce path of murder will finally cease

When freedom comes and brings sweet release

And the world will demand his violent life to forfeit  

For he chose terror over the lives of the innocent

© Jane December 3, 2012


They come in a myriad of colours and materials to boot

Wool and acrylic and every specialty yarn dyed with the root

They are known as cardigans or pullovers, jerseys and jumpers too

With embellishments like buttons and toggles and belts – just to name a few

Garments knitted and crocheted with special loving care

By Grandmas and Mums in the world everywhere

Available in all shapes and sizes with yarn choices too many to list

A volume of shades for the choosing and designs one cannot resist

Crocheted and knitted in patterns galore – snuggly soft and cuddly thick

Or lightweight and lacy for summer – always one that will just do the trick

There’s nothing as comforting at the end of day as donning that favorite sweater

That envelopes you with warmth and security and just makes the whole day better

So, no matter which favourite you grab just for warmth or a nap

A sweater should always be close by just like an adult security wrap


Happy new Year 2014

PartyByTheFishingHole PNG Tag SharingHappiness

Looking forward to a wonderful year

Surrounded by friends and family

and all those we hold dear

May your days be full of joy and love

And may every aspect of your life

Fit just like a glove.

by Jane