It seems like only yesterday when you were by my side

Our lives so entwined – love keeping us sublime

I keep thinking that I will walk into a place nearby

And you will be there, like we were suspended in time


I know that won’t happen – not here – not now

It’s just a hint and a reminder of what will be

But on another plane and place in time

We will unite and our journey will set us free


Our souls will embrace before we know it

We are meant to be together – that is a certainty

It truly is amazing that the fates know us

That’s why we got along so perfectly


Oh, there were times when we drove each other crazy

But more times we were locked in loves embrace

It was meant to be from the moment our eyes met

I close my eyes and still see that look upon your face


I remember that day when all events collided

Our paths crossed when fate determined it was time

And we knew we had once again found our soul mates

Just as in the past, our future lives will surely intertwine


Fate brought us together

A union that would never part

We are inextricably united

We knew it from the very start


©Jane        March 2012

(this month was our 50th Anniversary)


For My Children


For My Children

Each one born under a different sign

Each special and unique

Our family grew with each new face

As we watched our circle of love increase


The very first day our fingers touched and I felt each strong response

I knew that time would never change the thoughts my heart ensconced

I always knew we were intertwined and had a special start

That distance and space could never really keep us all apart


My children, my kids, my dearest friends – you are all of these to me

You’ve always been a source of joy and pride – that everyone can see

And every day you show your love, you strengthen my life’s goal

You are bright lights that blaze and keep me true to my soul


Thank you for being my kids

From one very lucky Mum

Jane  © August. 2012

For My Sister

I called on all my Angels

And asked for your Angels too

We need some special healing

Some loving vibrations for you

Vibrations of joy, gratitude and appreciation

That‘s what we need right now

To calm your fears and share with you

And help to show you how

They say we are multidimensional beings

And that the choice is ours

To resonate with all these things

And look toward the stars

Above all lies our power

The energy of all that is

The hopes and dreams of life transformed

The joy of daily bliss

The conscious directions that we take

Will vibrate within our souls

And give us peace and gratitude

As we watch the world unfold

The healing forces of light

 Each thought and vibration of love

Will pulse through life’s energy

Because we are all one with the Angels above



There it goes again

It wanders into the unknown
It loses itself in the stars
Relentlessly seeking the path
It holds on by a string
Blown by deep longings
Grasping at wisps of light
My heart
My soul
Searching for its mate